Scholarships & Financial Aid

St. Joseph’s Prep is proud to announce a full-tuition scholarship.

The Arete Scholarship, funded by Michelle and Chris Gangemi ’65, is the Prep’s new
premiere full-tuition scholarship and will be awarded annually
to a student applicant who shows high academic prowess and also has financial need.

Academic & Music Scholarships/Awards

The following Academic/Merit Scholarships & Awards are awarded on merit to a select group of 8th grade applicants. At this time, there are no merit scholarships available for transfer candidates. Transfer candidates can apply for assistance via the Prep’s Financial Aid program.
  • Provides a four-year, full-tuition financial aid scholarship to 1 student
  • 家庭必须提交财政援助申请(TADS申请)供考虑
  • Click HERE to learn more about the Arete Scholarship
  • Provides a four-year, full-tuition merit scholarship to 1 student
  • Student must maintain a grade point average of at least a 3.5
  • Note: St. Joseph Scholars are selected from a pool of Ignatian Scholarship recipients
  • Provides a $15,000 award annually to approximately 10 students
  • Student must maintain a grade point average of at least a 3.3
  • Provides a $10,000 award annually to approximately 20 students
  • Student must maintain a grade point average of at least a 3.0
Eligibility requirements for St. Joseph/Ignatian/Xaverian考虑:在入学考试中表现突出(通常在98-99百分位), excellent academic profile, history of leadership and service, an enthusiastic teacher recommendation, and an exceptional entrance exam essay.  Students in contention for St. Joseph/Ignatian/Xaverian奖学金将被邀请参加12月初的奖学金面试.

  • Provides a $6,500 award annually
  • Number of student recipients varies each year based on the applicant pool
校长/校长奖资格要求:入学考试成绩优异(通常在94-97百分位), strong grade school transcripts, and a strong entrance exam essay.

  • Provides a $6,000 award annually to approximately 3 students
  • Student must maintain good standing with at least one music program ensemble at the Prep.  Video submissions should be sent via email to by Friday, November 3rd.  For more information on how to audition for the Music Scholarship, please click HERE.
音乐奖学金的资格要求:特殊的个人试镜, strong academic in grade school and on the Entrance Exam. 

  • Provides $3,000 annually to sons of First Responders, Military, K-8 Educators, and HBCU Graduates and Employees
  • For more information on the Affinity Awards program, please click here
  • Eligible families should complete THIS FORM by Friday, December 1.
Several scholarships (such as the Howley Scholars Program, the Maguire Scholars Program, 和Quattrone学者项目)与财政援助程序挂钩,可以提供3美元起的任何数额,000 to full-tuition annually.  Where applicable, 学术/优秀奖学金和奖励可以与额外的经济援助奖励相结合. Final determination of all Academic Scholarship & Grant recipients are made by the Admissions Committee.


Financial Aid

The Prep is committed to providing an education to talented students, regardless of their financial situations. To support the realization of this institutional mission, mg冰球突破试玩网站有一个全面的经济援助计划,努力招收具有强大学术潜力和良好品格的学生, with diverse talents, varied interests and backgrounds.

Due to limits placed on the financial aid budget, 资金不能保证,每个家庭都要使用所有可用的资源来支付孩子的教育费用. This includes resources from both parents even if divorced or separated, step parents, grandparents or other relatives, church funds, outside scholarships or grants, or any student earnings. 经济援助奖——以工作补助金或兄弟减免的形式——帮助弥合家庭负担能力与圣乔治大学学费之间的差距. Joseph’s Prep education. In some cases, financial aid awards can be combined with merit scholarships.

List of 2 items.

  • Work Grant

    Financial aid (i.e. 经济援助(不是优秀奖学金)将以“工作补助金”的形式颁发给学生.” He will be asked to work in a clerical capacity at a time that is convenient for him. There will be a work requirement of one marking period. 他可以选择第一,第二,第三,或第四个评分期和时间,上学前或放学后. A marking period is eight weeks in length; work lasts l/2 hour per day, five days per week.
  • Brothers' Reduction

    第二兄弟姐妹和第三兄弟姐妹同时入学可以获得6,000美元的兄弟姐妹减免. However, the reduction is not automatic. 通过TADS的财政援助过程必须完成,以便考虑兄弟削减. The Financial Aid Committee will determine if a Brothers' Reduction will be awarded.

Please note:

The application for admission to St. 约瑟夫预备学院将询问是否要求经济援助,然而,一个单独的 TADS application must be completed.

TADS Application

要考虑获得经济援助,您必须使用 Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS). TADS将对需要帮助支付学费的家庭进行经济需求评估. Applicants are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 经济援助是根据家庭通过TADS申请证明的经济需求颁发的. 这个过程涉及的信息本质上是个人的,SJP坚持最高的保密标准.

所有的TADS申请都将被审查,摘要将提交给财政援助委员会. 委员会对奖项提出建议,但最终决定由财政援助主任做出. Freshmen Financial Aid award letters are mailed no later than the second week in January. Returning families will receive award letters in the spring. In the event that the financial aid award is insufficient for re-enrollment, the tuition deposit will be returned. All final decisions regarding financial aid are made by the Prep. TADS does not receive/acquire this information.

Using a TADS Application

A financial aid committee reviews the applicants in order to make award decisions. mg冰球突破试玩网站建议你下载申请工作表,以便在申请前收集所有必要的资料.

Please remember: 你必须附上申请所要求的所有证明文件的复印件. Please do not send originals.

Supporting documentation must be sent right away, so processing is not delayed: most recent W2 statements, most recent paystub, most recent federal tax form, most recent corporate tax return (if applicable), any 1099s, and documentation for all other sources of income (social security, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, child support, workers compensation, etc.) [*most recent could be 2022 financials].

Additional TADS Help

Click here for special instructions for sections of the TADS application form.

Deadlines for Financial Aid Application

Incoming Freshman Families
November 3, 2023
Incoming Freshman Families with a brother concurrently attending SJP
November 3, 2023
Returning Families Requesting Aid or already Receiving Aid
February 9, 2024

Additional Information

List of 4 items.

  • Special Note to Returning Families

    Prep认识到家庭的经济状况每年都在变化,为了跟踪这些变化的需求,每个接受援助的家庭每年都需要提交财务文件(这包括所有兄弟的削减)。. 如果您不重新提交财务文件并通过TADS申请,您将无法获得2024-25学年的任何经济援助. Families who are not receiving aid but are in financial need should apply as well. 新的财政援助拨款可能会以每年为基础颁发给在读学生.
  • Divorced or Separated Parents

    In dealing with divorced or separated parents, 经济援助办公室的目标是从双方收集尽可能多的信息, as well as from the spouses of either or both. Each situation is unique and will be handled on an individual basis.
    In the case of divorced or separated parents, each parent retains the obligation to contribute to the education of his or her son, regardless of whether a legal agreement to do so exists. In this instance, 父母双方必须共同或单独完成所需的经济援助申请. 助学金将在考虑父母双方的经济实力后发放. In the case of separated and/or divorced parents, 学校不会向任何一方家长提供有关另一方家长财务披露的信息. The assets of both parents will be considered before making any award; the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses does not apply.
    In the case in which one parent has no contact with his child, the custodial parent should submit third-party verification (from clergy, school administration, etc.) regarding the other parent’s absence.
  • Appeals Process

    对财政援助委员会的决定提出上诉(要求增加原授予的奖励,或在零奖励的情况下重新考虑), one of the following criteria should be met:
    1. 2023 income has declined by at least 10% compared to 2022 income; or
    2. 这个家庭最近遭遇了困难,这对家庭的财务状况产生了负面影响. (A detailed explanation is required.)
    For incoming freshmen, 必须在2月2日之前向财政援助主任发送一封信,以便重新考虑任何额外的援助. Registration must be completed, 在上诉信被考虑之前,必须收到入学合同和押金. If the additional aid is not satisfactory, you will receive a refund of deposit. For returning families, 必须在4月28日之前向财政援助主任发送一封信,以便考虑任何额外的援助. 在上诉信被考虑之前,必须收到入学合同和押金. If the additional aid is not satisfactory, you will receive a refund of deposit.
    All appeals (FOR INCOMING FRESHMEN AND RETURNING FAMILIES) will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Families that appeal will automatically be placed on a waitlist.

  • Outside Scholarship Sources

    For information on scholarships from non-SJP organizations and foundations, please click here.

Contact Information

Financial Aid Questions

Brian McCloskey
Director of Financial Aid

TADS Applications Questions

If you are having trouble with an aspect of the online TADS application, please call 1-800-477-8237, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST or email
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